Born on 12 January 1884 in Waco, Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan played a gun-slinger and rode bareback in silent films, took New York by storm in 1906, and earned a salary of $700,000 as a speakeasy hostess. Here are highlights from a life led at full speed until 5 November 1933. Meet TEXAS GUINAN!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Texas Guinan: Drena Beach

In March 1929 audiences were getting used to a new form of entertainment: a "dramatic dialogue picture" also known as a "talkie." Since people were used to seeing a live stage show, theatre owners would book a picture and arrange for an extravaganza on stage.
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Drena Beach, a protege of Texas Guinan, was getting a lot of work. The live segments ran continuously from noon to midnight, alternating with the featured first-run picture.
• • On 10 March 1929, the acrobatic dancer performed her "Sensational Dance of the Leopard" on the stage of B.S. Moss's Colony Theatre [Broadway and 53rd Street].
• • Always supportive of her "little girls," Texas Guinan would be in the audience, attracting more press coverage to the event to make sure her performer was noticed. And how could you
not notice Drena Beach with her thrillingly long tigerish fingernails?
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• • Photo: Texas Guinan protege Drena Beach • • 1926 • •

Texas Guinan.

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