Born on 12 January 1884 in Waco, Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan played a gun-slinger and rode bareback in silent films, took New York by storm in 1906, and earned a salary of $700,000 as a speakeasy hostess. Here are highlights from a life led at full speed until 5 November 1933. Meet TEXAS GUINAN!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Texas Guinan: 1819 Broadway

Oh those days when TEXAS GUINAN offered world-class whoopee onscreen and leased a film office at 1819 Broadway (at the N.W. corner of 59th Street, overlooking Central Park).  She rented Suite # 712.  
• • The silent screen star had made dozens of Westerns for the Frohman Amusement Company, Merit Films (130 West 46th St.), and others. It was time to show the world she could do it better. Here is her announcement in August 1921.
• • Despite an ambitious volley of ads in the trade publications (such as this one below), TGP would only release two titles. These two were "Texas of the Mounted" (in which she played a male and female role) and "The Code of the West" in 1921. These would be her last two silent films.
• • Texas Guinan in Two-Reelers  Produced by Her Own Company • •
• • The Texas Guinan Productions recently organized, announces it will produce a series of twelve two-reel Western dramas of an original nature, starring Miss Guinan, to be released on the state-right market, commencing September 15.  The productions will be adaptations from authors of prominence who have specialized in Western characterization and it is said will portray the true Western character, supported by themes embracing heart interest and pathos. It is understood that a prominent state-right producer will supervise the production, exploitation and distribution. In addition, Miss Guinan will also produce two five-reel or six-reel Western Specials and has already secured an option on a popular Western novel.
• • The Eastern executive offices are located in New York. Production work will be on the West Coast. The first six stories have already been acquired. Two of them call for locations in Montana and Arizona and the producing company will photograph these attractions at the exact locale named by the authors of the stories.
• • An extensive advertising campaign will be inaugurated.
• • Marion Kohn, of the Federated  Film Exchange of California, has already closed California, Arizona,  and Nevada, and three other exchanges have wired in offers on their territories.
• • It is also planned that for a period of eight weeks after the completion of the first series of twelve releases to have Miss Guinan make a personal tour throughout the United States, appearing in an act having been written for her in which she will employ her favorite broncho "Honey Dew," presented to her by the citizens of Waco, Texas, her home town.
• • Miss Guinan is not a  novice in the making of two-reel Western productions, having starred in two other series.
• • Source:   The Moving Picture World (page 610); published on 6 August 1921 
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• • The legal battles fought by Mae West and Jim Timony are dramatized in the play "Courting Mae West: Sex, Censorship, and Secrets," set during the Prohibition Era. Texas Guinan is in some scenes, too.
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• • Photo: Texas Guinan
• • Texas Guinan Productions, 1921 • •

Texas Guinan.

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