Born on 12 January 1884 in Waco, Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan played a gun-slinger and rode bareback in silent films, took New York by storm in 1906, and earned a salary of $700,000 as a speakeasy hostess. Here are highlights from a life led at full speed until 5 November 1933. Meet TEXAS GUINAN!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Texas: Sothern Exposure

Texas Guinan's name (though not her face) is featured on this 1933 sheet music: "When You Were the Girl on the Scooter and I Was the Boy on the Bike." The tune was on the soundtrack for 20th Century Pictures' release, Walter Winchell's "Broadway Thru a Keyhole" featuring Texas Guinan, Constance Cummings, Abe Lyman and his Band, Russ Columbo, Blossom Seeley, Paul Kelly, Frances William, and Eddie Foy Jr.
• • Little known during the early years of the Depression was beautiful Ann Sothern [born Harriet Lake on 22 January 1909 in Valley City, North Dakota], who danced in this flick.
• • Well established star Eddie Foy Jr. [4 February 1905 - 15 July 1983] originally met Texas when both had a stage career.
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• • photo: 1933 sheet music "Broadway Through a Keyhole" with Texas Guinan

Texas Guinan.